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Body Talking – “Shoes Addicted”

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Welcoming “Shoes Addicted”

The other day when i saw Mea Culpa‘s new creation i got the inspiration for this new set of 10 poses to showcase every women’s big addiction… shoes…. and of course, mine too… “Shoes addicted” is an editorial set of poses specially designed to present those amazing shoes we all love, with also different styles of body postures to better fit the style of the shoes themselves… from fierce, to inocent and always fashionable.

“Shoes addicted” has also variations at some of the poses, avaliable only as single items, because we want to best showcase the outfits that goes with the shoes…

Even if this set is thought as an editorial set of poses, they all have the caracteristic smooth transitions all Body Talking creations have.

You can find and try “Shoes addicted” at Body Talking Mainstore; or at our satelite store at Maritima Inc. and you can also find the fat packs avaliable in Xstreet!

And also, dont forget, “Shoes addicted”, as now all Body Talking creations, is X-Poser compatible!


Pose: Body Talking – “Shoes addicted”
Models: Wicca Merlin
Photographer: Wicca Merlin