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BodyTalking – “Romance”

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Lets introduce “Romance”

Romantic, sweet, cute and always fashionable; Body Talking brings now this set of 5 couple poses called “Romance”… for those tender days when you only want to be in your lover’s arms and want to make this moment last forever and have a beautiful memory of it by making a picture together…

You can find and try “Romance” at Body Talking Mainstore; and its also available in Xstreet!

And also, don’t forget, “Romance”, as now all Body Talkingcreations, is X-Poser compatible!


Pose: Body Talking – “Romance”
Models: Wicca Merlin and Magnus Stovall
Photographer: Wicca Merlin


Body Talking for Pro Posers Hunt

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Body Talking has joined the Hunt organized by Eros Fenutzini and Samara Pennell for the Pro Posers Group, we are very excited and we want to show you which one will be our gift for the hunters!

Body Talking has created two poses, one for female and one for male; and to get them and also the other awesome gifts the other creators have set in their stores, you have to join the Pro Posers group. To do it, you can find a group joiner at all the stores that joined the hunt, and of course, at Body Talking too!

The fun will start this July 15th and you can find all the information about this interesting hunt at the official blog of Pro Posers:


Pose: Body Talking – “Pro Posers Hunt Gift M & F
Model: Magnus Stovall and Wicca Merlin
Photographer: Wicca Merlin